Sunday, April 12, 2009

Depotting H.I.P

I have H.I.P. eyeshadows that I depotted last year and put them in tins. Well, the tins weren't practical and I never used them because they were out of site and out of mind. There is a great video on Youtube on how to depot them if you need help. (Look up EmsyJay)

Fast forward to the present. MizzBrown (Thanks bunches!) posted on using palettes by Japonesque to hold the HIP shadows. I love the palettes so much better than the tins. The palettes can be ordered from Amazon. (Search Japonesque)

Since I was in a depotting mood, I decided to give my Smashbox shadows a try too. They fit like a charm in the MAC palette. I am posting pics of those also. I still have 4 HIP shadows to depot but I am not in the mood to depot anytime soon. I am trying to decide which color to depot since I only have one spot left. I think I will depot Charisma or Sassy and leave the metallic shadow untouched. Tell me your thoughs.

I almost forgot, Prestige shadows fit in the Japonesque palettes. It's crazy that I had never used them until today. All because they were neatly packed away. Off to enjoy my shadows. :^) Happy Depotting


mstar said...

These look REALLY nice. You are seriously making me want to put all my makeup into palettes.



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