Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NOTD: Essie - Not Just A Pretty Face

This is a nice nude color. Kinda beige with a hint of pink.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

NOTD - Accidental French Manicure

I didn't like Sequin Sash (Essie) after 4 coats because it was too sheer. I added Sally Hasen's 'I Do' on the tips which really bumped it up. I can't wait to do a look with I Do alone. This is a great color!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Origination - Necklace

Origination - Necklace

I had necklaces sitting in a jewelry box that I never wore because they were 'out of site out of mind.' I love jewelry. LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry. I tend to wear the same classic pieces more than I touched my unique and cute 'regular' pieces. (The pieces from Forever 21, New York & Co, original pieces from Africa, etc.) Well, I wanted to wear more of what I had and decided to put them in the closet over my belt rack on tacks. I love this idea and I wear these pieces more now because they are visible. I didn't hang any of my fine jewelry or silver though. I didn't want to deal with having to clean the silver more often (silver is no fun to clean!)or something getting lost.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organization - Belts

After spending painful hours looking for belts, I searched for something that really help put everything at my finger tips. I found a nice belt holder that I like. I also had my father make one that I haven't used yet, but I will. This method is a winner for me. How are you storing your belts?

*A tie holder is always a good way to store belts.*

Monday, September 21, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze - BFF

This color is a holo and very pretty. Here it is in natural light.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Witch Hazel as a Toner

I have been using witch hazel as a toner for a few years now. Do everyone need a toner? No. I went without using a toner for years after learning everyone do not need them and my skin was ok. But, I love the refreshed feeling I get from using witch hazel plus, I know all the makeup is totally gone. I use T.N. Dickinson's brand. I have used many others, but this one is my favorite.

*There is a blue and also a yellow bottle. Both are the same thing.*

Friday, September 18, 2009

Raw Honey - Facial Mask

Use raw honey for a mask and your skin will thank you. I promise. I saw many many reviews and recommendation on this product. I instantly got the mental picture of sticky, icky, and gooey honey sliding down my face. (Not a pretty picture huh!) with that being said, I ignored the honey raves. Well, I saw one review that MADE me buy this stuff. The lady posted a before and after shot of her cystic acne on her cheek. She said in 2 - 3 days it was gone.

I purchased some raw honey and gave it a try. (Raw Honey can be found on the net or at Whole Foods) I had two new PMS pimple and used the honey for 3 days and they were gone! Now, I use other acne treatment that will get rid of the pimples in the same amount of time but the honey had an extra bonus. The other meds left spots. Not really dark spots but still spots. The honey cleared up the pimples and left no signs of it ever being on my face. That had me sold!!

How did I use it? I smeared the honey on in a very thin layer then covered it with a bandage before bed. That is it! Give it a try.

*This can also be used as a facial mask by applying a very thin layer of the honey on your face. Remember, keep the layer thin. It can be left on for 20 mins; but I normally put it on and forget about it.*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Makeup Survey.

Cute Survey I got from Emily N. Please take the survey also and leave comments so I can see your answers too. :)


1. What time did you do your makeup today?
2. What's the least expensive beauty item you used?
Drugstore purple liner.
3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct?
uneven skin tone
4. Did you apply false eyelashes?
5. Did you do anything while applying makeup?
Talked to my husband.
6. Biggest makeup mishap today?
Started out with a lid color that was to light. I made it work though! lol
7. Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind?
Not at all.
8. What's the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine?
9. What's part of your routine is the most fun?
creating cool eyeshadow combos
10. What part of your makeup makes the biggest difference in the way you look? eyelinr and blush
11. Neutral or colorful eyeshdaow?
Both, but more on the neutral side.
12. Liquid or mineral foundation?
13. Do you do your hair or makeup first?
Hair First, then makeup.
14. Did you pack a makeup bag to take with you for the day?
Only the lipstick or gloss I am wearing for the day.
15. When did you finish your makeup?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NOTD - Creative Nail Design - Masquerade

I put this color on tonight and I really like it!! It's Masquerade by Creative Nail Design.

*NOTD = Nail of the day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Essie Polish - Sexy Divide

Essie is having a BOGO free sale this month at Trade Secret. (If you want to try the polish, hurry and go!)

Here is a deep dark vampy purple. (Sexy Divide.) This pic is 3 or 4 days old and the polish is still amazing looking with no chips. I used Essie's 3-way glaze as a top and base coat.

I am not normally into dark colors; but this grew on me and I really like it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nads Wand

Okay, so I had a busy week and didnt make it to my threader this week. I had to become a DIYer.

I plucked my brows some and they look fine. I can make it until Monday. BUT............I wasn't going to use that Nair on my upper lip or anywhere else. (My skin is too sensitive) I had some NADS (the wand) here that I never used because I was chicken. OMGoosh, I should have used it a long time ago. It was easy and the results are wonderful. I might never let her thread/wax my upper lip again since I can do it myself! I love it and the results are amazing.



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