Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Question & Answer Tag: Use ONE word only

Where's your cell phone: desk
Your hair: BUN
Your mother: STRONG
Your father: creative
Favorite food: STEAK
Dream last night: NONE
Favorite drink: SLUSH
what room are you in: OFFICE
hobby: READING
fear: ---
where were you last night: HOME
something you aren't: MALE
muffins? NONE
wish list item: AIRBRUSH
where did you grow up: SOUTH
what are you wearing: SCARF
your pets: LOVABLE
Friends: TRUE
Something you're not wearing: WATCH
Favorite store: MACYS
Favorite colour: PURPLE
last time you laughed: RECENT
your best friend: FEW
Bested pleace you go to over and over: MACYS
Person who emails you regularly: GRANDMOTHER
Favorite place to eat: NUMBEROUS

I tag everyone. Using only one word was hard!! If you do it, comment below so I can come check yours out. :)

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have safe travels if you are traveling for the Holiday.

My next blog will of all my blushes. (I think)



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