Sunday, March 15, 2009

Royale Flat Iron

I have gone through some flat irons and was on this constant search to find the 'perfect' flat iron. Well, my search is OVER!! My new love is the Royale Flat Iron. WHERE HAS THIS FLAT IRON BEEN ALL MY LIFE! Now the lady had me thinking she was being to much of a 'super sales women' using terms like, "This will be your new best friend, love, live it, dream it, believe, caress it, become one with it, this will change your life." So I thought, But after using the thing and seeing my own before and afters, I was sold!!!! Now, I have a few irons I need to try to sell now. (and I loved my Sedu before I tried this iron.)

I am so impressed by this iron. Here is just a little bit from their site. "The 100% Ceramic plates produce far-infrared technology that seals the cuticles with the natural moisture and causing the hair to be humidity safe, while eliminating any frizzy or puffy influences." I agree with them.

This iron has a feature that even dries damp hair. When the woman said this, I was like, "No way you are putting that iron on my wet hair to fry it out." But I watched her do it and then she did mine, just wow. (Only the premium flat irons has this feature she said.)

I purchased mine in the mall. They are the 'pushers' you normally try to hurry past because you know they are trying to hustle off something. Click here for the link to the website.



mp1979 said...

I am so happy you have a blog!!!

TEE said...

Thanks so much mp1979!!! I love watching your progress too!!



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