Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ballmania Lip Balm

I was in Dilliards this weekend and the saleslady kept raving about Ballmania Lip Balm. I was like, "I will pass, I found something I already like." She kept talking about other things and the convo goes BACK to Ballmania. Then the proceeds to tell it was one of Oprah's pick. I am still sitting there like . So I think of the nicest way to say I don't care what is Oprah's pick; I gotta like it.

This lady is not letting the Ballmania Lip Balm issue die. So she opens up one and say, "Try it."

Well, I am pleased to say it is now one of Tee's picks!

This stuff

* Feels great
* Has SPF 20
* Smell and taste good (It's impossible NOT to taste it.)
* Can be purchased at the mall
* Cute,
* Only 7 bucks
* It will last awhile.

You can check it out at




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