Monday, March 16, 2009

Pibbs 514 Hair Dryer

I have had my Pibbs 514 Dryer for over a year and only used it two times. My main rationale for getting the dryer was it would pay for itself if I used it consistently. Well, it still hasn’t paid for itself. One of the main reason I wasn’t using it before was because it was so hot on my ears. My ear always felt like they were on fire!! I intended to find something at Sally’s to cover my ears, but I never remembered to look.

Last night I waited until 11:30 to rinse conditioner out of my hair out. I knew my hair would be soaking wet the next morning if I didn’t sit under the Pibbs dryer. So, I sat and thought of a way to make it work. Well let me tell you, a creative mind saves money! I took my cotton squares (I use them to remove makeup) and placed them over my ears. It worked like a charm!!! I said under the dryer for 40 mins and my hair was dry. Yes, only 40 mins! I didn't rollerset; I did a braidout. Now this is coming from a person who normally has to sit under the dryer for two hours to dry. “Oh Pibbs, how I love thee!”

*Here is an Amazon Link to the dryer, but it can be googled to find the best deal.




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