Sunday, March 15, 2009

Multani Facial Mask

I have been using a new facial mask for about 3 weeks or more. I purchased Multani powder at my local Indian store. If the Multani is not on the shelf at your local store; ask them to order it. Sometimes you can save on shipping fees like this. (I did!) There is also google search. (Search Multani Powder)

I mixed the Multani powder with Rose water. <--- (Also purchased at the local Indian store) I was instructed to use Rose water and I haven't tried anything else.
Mix the powder with the rose water to make a paste. It doesn't take much. I apply the paste with a foundation brush. <---Personal preference.

This mask is great and my skin is baby soft.


Fleurzty said...

Sounds great! I did a mask two weeks ago with Amla. It was wonderful!



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