Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smart Snacking

Watch your portions - Most people get in trouble by eating too much. An example of a healthy portion size would be a handful of cereal, a peach or an apple.

Keep it under two hundred - In general, a healthy snack is about 100 or 200 low-fat calories and includes a protein with a carbohydrate.

Don't starve yourself - Eat something every four hours to keep your blood sugar up. It's the fuel the body needs to keep its 'engine' running.

Pack in the nutrients - Think of snacking as your nutrional insurance for the day. Nuts and yogurt are great because they provide protein and fiber, which makes you feel fuller longer.

Set yourself up for success! - Keep a healthy snack in your desk drawer, handbag, or car. The vending machine is normally NOT your friend.

Happy Snacking!




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