Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Question & Answer Tag: Use ONE word only

Where's your cell phone: desk
Your hair: BUN
Your mother: STRONG
Your father: creative
Favorite food: STEAK
Dream last night: NONE
Favorite drink: SLUSH
what room are you in: OFFICE
hobby: READING
fear: ---
where were you last night: HOME
something you aren't: MALE
muffins? NONE
wish list item: AIRBRUSH
where did you grow up: SOUTH
what are you wearing: SCARF
your pets: LOVABLE
Friends: TRUE
Something you're not wearing: WATCH
Favorite store: MACYS
Favorite colour: PURPLE
last time you laughed: RECENT
your best friend: FEW
Bested pleace you go to over and over: MACYS
Person who emails you regularly: GRANDMOTHER
Favorite place to eat: NUMBEROUS

I tag everyone. Using only one word was hard!! If you do it, comment below so I can come check yours out. :)




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