Thursday, September 24, 2009

Origination - Necklace

Origination - Necklace

I had necklaces sitting in a jewelry box that I never wore because they were 'out of site out of mind.' I love jewelry. LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry. I tend to wear the same classic pieces more than I touched my unique and cute 'regular' pieces. (The pieces from Forever 21, New York & Co, original pieces from Africa, etc.) Well, I wanted to wear more of what I had and decided to put them in the closet over my belt rack on tacks. I love this idea and I wear these pieces more now because they are visible. I didn't hang any of my fine jewelry or silver though. I didn't want to deal with having to clean the silver more often (silver is no fun to clean!)or something getting lost.


mstar said...

Lovely collection! And this is a great idea to hang them up individually. I would like to wear necklaces more often, but I don't always feel like digging through my jewelry box.



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