Thursday, April 15, 2010

Milani Liquif Eye metallic eye liner Pencil

The Milani Liquif Eye metallic eye liner is the business!! If you don't own this liner, run out and get it. This liner was love at first swipe. It's so creamy and goes on very smooth. If you have tried the Urban Decay Zero liners, this one has the same smooth application. I actually like this one better than the Urban Decay liners for me. PLUS, it cost over ten bucks less. HUGE bonus! I knew this one was a winner for me when I worked out twice in one day and the liner didn't budge! Now that is some staying power and I have really oily lids/skin.

This liner comes in black, brown, aqua, gold, and silver. The black is the blackest black liner I have seen in awhile. The brown is so dark, rich, and beautiful. I would call it a black brown. I wear this one more often. Also, the black and brown is not metallic at all. (So don't let that scare you.) I love that is not shiny and sparkly looking! They will only cost five or six dollars.

Again, if you don't have this liner, get it! (and get more than one color too.)




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